At VIDCOACH, we all share the same goal of improvement in sports and physical education. People off all ages want to improve in sports they already play or want to learn the basics of a new sport so they can start playing.

Sports coaching can be expensive, time consuming, out of reach or your sharing the coach with a full class of people. With VIDCOACH you recieve one to one coaching, at any time, any place with an affordable and flexible pricing structure.

Throughout the world of sport, the top coaches have been out of reach for regular players looking to improve. Our mission at VIDCOACH is to make world class coaching available to everyone. Today we provide the most convenient way to improve in sport through our mobile app.

Our Story

Phil Givens, the Founder of VIDCOACH is a seasoned tennis coach with 13 years of experience coaching everyone from children at the beginning of their sporting journey to professional athletes competing in major tournaments. Phil’s passion for coaching led him to come up with an idea for widely accessible high quality coaching through an app designed to improve players skills and strengthen their love of sport.

Our Coaches

At VIDCOACH we make sure that all our coaches are fully certified and have professional experience coaching their sport. Each coach brings their own style, knowledge and personal experience to share with enthusiastic players ready to learn from the best. Meet some of our dedicated coaches below: